Ubuntu Phone

The Ubuntu Phone will be a "super phone... that will out-Apple Apple."

Translation: you can run GIMP on your phone. No thanks.

Microsoft tried shoe-horning a mouse-and-keyboard interface onto a phone. People don't want that.


Standards, Measurements, and the SCOFF Browsers

I've been following IE and how it relates to web standards for quite some time now. I haven't been all that vocal over the past two years because, mainly, IE has been moving rapidly and in the right direction. For all the progress made, however, Internet Explorer's detractors - many who are fans of the SCOFF Browsers™ (Safari, Chrome, Opera & Firefox) - are not so much interested in web standards as they are in deriding Microsoft and its products. IE's lack of web standards became a rallying point for them. But times have changed.



The problem with championing the semantic web is that people are inherently presentational. They don't want that word emphasized; they want it italicized.

Special Pricing on Expression Studio

Nineteen months ago I wrote how I felt that Expression Studio is a better design value than the comparable Adobe suite. This price disparity still exists more than a year an a half since I wrote it. On Amazon.com, owners of Photoshop can upgrade to CS4 Web Premium for just $1290. Owners of any Expression product can upgrade to Expression Studio 2 for $330.


In the Spotlight Again

Fresh off the attention I received for my Vine Type website, Microsoft now spotlights ... me.

Community Spotlight Interview